Baby of Ramamma

3965-baby-of-ramamma-p-redo-icrName  :   Baby of Ramamma ( Deva Harshini)
Age :     7 M/Female (registered on 26th Dec’15)
Father :  P.Suresh
Mother :  Ramamma
Address : 3-53/1, Dharmavaram(V), Keesara (M) 
          Ranga Reddy Dt.
Diagnosis : Moderate size perimembranous VSD with 
            L->R shunt
Surgery :   VSD Surgical Closure 
Date of Surgery : 28th July 2016

Your help saved this little heart  

Suresh and Ramamma greeted the birth of their first child – baby girl with the excitement and anticipation of any new parents, spreading the good news in the village of Nellore District. Less than a week later, they stood silently as doctors detailed the numerous potentially fatal things that were wrong with their little Harsini’s heart.

Father Suresh could not think of the treatment due to his unaffordability. At the age of 7 months some known people advised him to contact STAR hospitals Dr.Gopichand Mannam who can help him in his child’s treatment. He brought the child to STAR hospitals from where he was referred to Hrudaya for financial assistance.  He was operated in the month of Feb’16 and went home after a week. Harshini was on regular follow up medically. In July’16 when the child was brought for check up the doctors felt that there is something wrong and she needs another surgery immediately for which parents were asked to arrange money.

Parents in despair had again approached and requested Hrudaya foundation to support them for their child’s treatment. Hrudaya contacted Seshamamba Foundation for which this foundation responded immediately and agreed to sponsor the child’s treamtent.

Harshini was re-operated again on 28th July’16 and was released from the hospital after a week. Father Suresh said that “our daughter Harshini had been given a new lease of life because of the donors like you for which we are indebted to you throughout our life. Your support means everything for us . Thanks to Seshamamba Foundation”. Thank you once again for saving this little heart.