Completion of surgeries of 2500 children with Congenital Heart Disease and celebration of 10 years of Hrudaya Foundation:

Donor's interaction with Baby Anusha, supported for treatment by hrudaya in 2005
completion of 2500 surgeries celebration

Personalized fundraising through your love of sports, arts and other fun activities can help Hrudaya – Cure a Little Heart Foundation. This type of fundraising empowers individuals and groups to make a difference in their community.

How can you participate?

  • Host a Fundraising Dinner! Host a dinner, feed your guests a “Hearty” meal and ask them to make a donation.
  • Get the Kids Involved! Organize a Kids Teddy Bear Picnic, A Kids Day Out. Set a price that fulfills all that you spent perhaps Rs. 500-1000/per kid. Set a goal to have 100+ kids and you will raise Rs.50,000-1,00,000.
  • 50/50 Raffles! Sell raffle tickets and offer half of the proceeds as prizes.
  • Holiday Giving! Rally the troops around the holidays to sell items surrounding the holidays. For example, on Valentine’s Day sell roses or handmade cards, or for Diwali sell participant made gift baskets. People will feel good that they are getting what they need but also helping out a cause.
  • Fashion Shows! Fashion shows are always fun. Get a few designers involved. Hold a model call and rally the troops. Sell tickets to the event and encourage attendees to donate as well.
  • Take a celebrity “prisoner”! One of the absolute best unique fundraising ideas is to take a local celebrity “prisoner” for a day. The celebrity is given a cell phone and only released (usually kept in a faux cage in a public place) when he or she has raised enough money from friends, family and the crowd that gathers in front of the cage. It’s all in good fun and good publicity for the celebrity too!
  • Host a Cook Off! Solicit local celebrity chefs (or restaurants) to enter their best dishes for a cook off. Have people pay to vote on the winners. Collect Rs.500/vote and the person/restaurant with the most money wins bragging rights (and free publicity). Think of a Biryani cook off or maybe the best dosas in town!
  • Dine for a Cause! Sign up 10-15 restaurants local restaurants to participate in a “Dine for a Cause” event. Work with the media to advertise it! The restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds from those days to Hrudaya-Cure a Little Heart.
  • Use your talents! Organize and/or participate in any athletic or non-athletic events to raise money. Select an event best suited for you: marathons, cycling races, walking, swimming, garage sales, arts and crafts events, etc.
  • Birthday Pledges! Encourage friends to ask for donations to Hrudaya-Cure a Little Heart instead of birthday gifts.