Kids Contribute

Little Caring ArtsFor most kids summer vacations are about family trips, summer camps, movies and ice creams. Summer of 2013, however, was all that and more for two little girls, Tanvi (8 years) and Aanya (7 years).

The best friends heard about the work being done by Hrudaya – Cure a Little Heart Foundation and wanted to help. They dedicated their summer to making and selling hand-crafted pot-holders and customized Perler bead magnets. They sold these crafts to family and friends; donating all the proceeds to do their part in helping the life-saving work that Hrudaya – Cure a Little Heart Foundation is leading. Thus, Little Caring Arts was born!

The friends started with a goal of raising $500 in a year. Within a month they had already raised $142 which they presented to Dr. Mannam and Dr. Ponugoti in July 2013. By September 2013 they raised an additional $400 and decided to increase their goal to $1,000 for the year. The budding entrepreneur-philanthropists are now branching into making Christmas Ornaments, Key Chains and Paintings. They are also getting their friends involved to broaden the impact that they can generate through Little Caring Arts.

If you are interested in encouraging the entrepreneurial-philanthropic spirit of these kids, please consider buying their crafts as gifts for your next corporate or family celebration. If you have kids who are interested in joining Little Caring Arts, Tanvi and Aanya would be delighted in sharing their ideas and growing the volunteer corps.

You can reach them (via their parents) at