Our Volunteers are our most valuable resource. We would not be able to fulfill our mission without the service of our dedicated volunteers. How can you volunteer? Join a Committee!

Hrudaya Committees play a crucial role in helping accomplish our mission. There are a range of needs that these Committees support and we need committed volunteers with a broad range of skills. We will help find an opportunity to engage and contribute in a way that matches your interest, skills and time availability.

Outreach Committee

Outreach is an important way for Hrudaya-Cure a Little Heart to stay in touch with the current donors and engage with new donors. This committee assists with maintaining periodic communication with the current and potential donor base to share information, create engagement and help with fundraising.

Social Media Committee

Hrudaya-Cure a Little Heart’s online presence plays an important role as the face of the organization to world. This committee assists with creation of content and coordinates periodic updates to the website and social media sites for our cause.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising is a critical function for providing children with the medical attention they need, running the screening camps and developing public health messages that can reduce the incidence of pediatric heart disease. This committee plays an important role in designing and executing a variety of creative activities that can raise money to support the range of Hrudaya-Cure a Little Heart’s activities.

Program Support Committee

Hrudaya-Cure a Little Heart organizes screening camps in rural areas that don’t have access to good pediatric heart care and also undertakes public health campaigns to educate the population on the causes and prevention of pediatric heart disease. This committee works with our doctors and non-medical staff to help organize and execute these activities.





Are you excited about being part of our volunteer corps to keep a little heart beating? Contact us at hrudaya1@gmail.com to sign up!